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  • Chicago Magic Lounge 4707 North Broadway Chicago, IL, 60640 United States (map)



Simon and Ginny Aronson


Jamie Sanden


Bill Weimer


Danny Rudnick & Edd Fairman

The Aronsons know what you’re thinking!

Ginny and Simon Aronson have been presenting amazing demonstrations of their unique mind reading abilities around the world, for over 40 years.  Genii, the Conjuror’s Magazine recently featured the Aronsons in its cover story, calling their act one of “legendary status.”

The Aronsons will be presenting their show “It’s the Thought that Counts” at the Chicago Magic Lounge. Overflowing with audience participation, their program promises to be fast-paced, fun-filled, and guaranteed “thought-provoking” entertainment.  And the Aronsons pledge, “No personal or intimate thoughts will be invaded or revealed – so feel free to bring an open mind!”  

Just imagine what mind reading might achieve in a simple card game, or in the gambling world of Las Vegas – the Aronsons will show you.  While totally blindfolded, Ginny describes withincredible detail objects volunteered by the audience.  How do they do it?  “It’s a blend of psychology, body language, magical skills, and the natural powers we all have – and about 40 years of training,” says Ginny.  But something they don’t use is any secret electronics, or trick blindfolds, or confederates or stooges of any kind – you have the Aronsons’ personal assurance on that.

Starting as students at the University of Chicago in the early 1970’s, Ginny and Simon worked their way through both graduate school and law school developing and performing their distinctive series of experiments and demonstrations in mind reading, extra-sensory perception, pre-cognition, and powers of the mind.  Initially performing throughout the regional mid-west at corporate and business affairs, nightclubs and private parties, their technical prowess combined with their entertaining presentations soon caught the attention of sophisticated magic aficionados across the country.  From there the sky was the limit, and since then magicians and laymen around the globe have marveled at their skills.  The Aronsons have performed everywhere, from night clubs, universities, weddings, and corporate events, to starring roles at the most prestigious magic conventions.  Their performances at the Magic Chicago theater are regularly sold out.

Perhaps even more amazing, the Aronsons have remained at the top of their entertainment game while simultaneously juggling two full-time careers in the high-powered area of corporate law. Ginny was a partner at and practiced law for over 35 years with the firm of Sidley Austin LLP. She headed Sidley’s global real estate practice, and was the first woman in Sidley’s 150 year history to be made a Managing Partner of the firm; for the last ten years of her career, she both maintained her legal practice and managed the firm.

Simon was a partner at and practiced law for over 25 years with the firm of Lord, Bissell & Brook.  Since the age of eight his true passion has been close-up magic, and Simon has aninternational reputation as a magical creator and inventor.  He’s authored seven books for the magical fraternity, and his original creations are performed by magicians world-wide.

10:00 P.M.


Stick around after the show and witness the rebirth of The Magic Bar. Finish out your evening with table magic and bar magic from select magicians, and possibly a few special guests on stage. Anything can happen at The Magic Bar! See never-performed-before tricks and illusions from local, regional and touring magicians from all over the US, all on one stage.

Earlier Event: June 11
Later Event: June 18