Enter through the laundry

On June 7, 2017, The Chicago Magic Lounge proclaimed the day officially "Magic Day" in Cook County, IL when we broke ground on a new, state of the art theater located in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago, at 5050 N. Clark Street. We have converted a 1940's era commercial laundry building into a 7,200 square foot art-deco, magical experience complete with secret doors, three performance areas, a library and museum all dedicated to the art of sleight of hand, prestidigitation, and Chicago's contribution to the magical arts. This is a one of a kind experience that we cannot wait for you to see.


The Venue


The Blackstone Cabaret

Our crown jewel, named after Chicago magician Harry Blackstone, this performance venue boasts 120 excellent seats, without obstructed view, throughout. Custom banquette and cabaret style seating allows you and your guests to enjoy world class magic in an intimate, elegant setting. Full service from the bar and kitchen is provided, as is an hour of tableside close up magic performed by our resident magicians leading up to the headlining performers. The Blackstone Cabaret features state of the art audio visual capabilities, a projector, listening assist, and a Hammond organ.

David's Bar

Open 5pm to close Mondays through Saturdays, and 1 to 3pm Sundays, this Art Deco gem features signature cocktails, luxurious seating, and magicians behind the bar to challenge your imagination during libation. 

The 654 Club

Thursdays through Saturdays, after your Blackstone Cabaret performance, we invite you to join a Master of the Art at their table in our 43 seat intimate close up gallery for a 20 minute theatrical treat.  

The Magician's Library

Immediately adjacent to the Performance Bar, peruse our first rate collection of magic literature and memorabilia.  Cosy up to the fire with a Smoke and Mirrors cocktail from our bar whilst you wait to enter the Blackstone Cabaret. 

The mezzanine

The upper echelon of our Blackstone Cabaret, 16 perfect views of the stage and theater await. Rub elbows with members of the Round Table: our “club house” for magicians is just on the other side of the stairs.