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Christopher Carter


Justin Purcell


Ryan Lawrence, Bill Weimer, Edd Fairman

Christopher Carter’s business is simple: he makes his living playing with other people’s minds. Last year alone, Carter mystified audiences at over 200 colleges and corporate events. 

What he does is hard to describe. He reads minds, makes detailed predictions that come true, and even makes borrowed light bulbs light up in audience members’ hands.

Chris is notorious for reading & revealing thoughts of audience members – but don’t worry, he won’t reveal any embarrassing information…unless it’s funny. Carter is considered to be one of the world’s most unique and entertaining “mentalists” of today’s variety entertainment circuits. He is winner of Campus Activities Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards for Entertainer of The Year, Performing Arts Entertainer of the Year, Best Male Performer, and Best Novelty Live Performer, and the prestigious Milbourne Christopher Award in Mentalism.

10:00 P.M.


Inspired by the legendary Magic Castle in LA, and Magic Circle in London, we are bringing you an exclusive, 50 seats only, experience called the Close Up Gallery. Join a magician in the Starlight Lounge at 10pm for an intimate look at close-up magic. No stage, just a table and 50 chairs. This is a peek into the real world of classic, close-up, table magic.

Besides being a high school math and science teacher, Danny Rudnick is an award winning close-up magician. Along with performing magic, he runs the weeklong summer camp at Magic Inc., and is in charge of Youth 43, the youth program for the Chicago Chapter of International Brotherhood of Magicians. Danny is also the editor of The Complete Al Leech, a book on the magic of Al Leech, and is the inventor of of the "Selec-Trick Deck," a trick sold through Magic Inc. that has received rave reviews from many top magicians, including a review in Genii Magazine. Danny’s personable demeanor and sleight-of-hand prowess have made him a sought after performer for office holiday parties, kid birthday parties, and restaurants around Chicago.

Premium and Deluxe Ticket holders are guaranteed a seat in the Close-Up Gallery.