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Joe Diamond


John Sturk


Bill Weimer & Lee Benzaquin & Ryan Lawrence


Joe Diamond may look like a normal guy, but he has turned his fascination for the strange and mysterious into a full time career! He can read your mind. REALLY. It's not a joke. He can tell you the name of a friend you are thinking of. He can describe and interpret your dreams with uncanny accuracy. He can even read the mind of a friend you have called on your cell phone!

In 2010, Joe Diamond became a World Record Holder for Solving the World's Largest Maze while BLINDFOLDED! Since then, he has also found hidden objects in graveyards, and even driven a car blindfolded!

He writes, directs, and stars in his own YouTube series, and even hosts a radio show/podcast where he talks to everyone from authors, to magicians, to psychics, to sword swallowers!

He is the Co-Star of The Magic Cabaret in Chicago, selected by Travel Channel as “One of America’s BEST Magic Shows!”

10:00 P.M.


Brett Schneider has been performing magic professionally for over 15 years and is a member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. His work has received numerous awards and citations including ‘San Francisco Stage Magician of the Year’ and he was a finalist at the World Magic Seminar. In addition to magic performance, Brett also works as an illusion designer and magic consultant for theatre, television, and film. His theatrical work has been twice-nominated for a Jeff Award and has appeared in venues such as The Goodman Theatre, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Lookingglass Theatre, and the Roundabout Theatre in New York. Brett’s illusion design has also been incorporated into TV shows (Sirens on USA), music videos, short films, and features. And coming in the Fall of 2016, Brett will star in The Goodman Theatre’s production of The Magic Play, a story about a magician. Find out more at brettschneidermagic.com.

Inspired by the legendary Magic Castle in LA, and Magic Circle in London, we are bringing you an exclusive, 50 seats only, experience called the Close Up Gallery. Join a magician in the Starlight Lounge at 10pm for an intimate look at close-up magic. No stage, just a table and 50 chairs. This is a peek into the real world of classic, close-up, table magic.

Premium and Deluxe Ticket holders are guaranteed a seat in the Close-Up Gallery.