• Chicago Magic Lounge (map)
  • 4707 North Broadway
  • Chicago, IL, 60640
  • United States

Doors open at 7:30 P.M.


Edd Fairman


Christopher Carter


John Sturk & Ryan Lawrence & Bill Weimer

Edd Fairman, Wizard of Sorts, has been called a “circus unto himself” by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and “fiercely likable” by Pulp Magazine. Known for his off beat presentation and wry sense of humor, Edd tours the country performing for universities and corporate audiences. Edd was named Runner up in the Chicago Reader's Best of 2015 poll for Magicians in Chicago.

10:00 P.M.


Gozner is currently one of the top Mexican magicians. He combines magic, humor, music and mind blowing effects for your pleasure. He has performed in more than 10 countries, Czech Republic, Stockholm, France, Argentina, Cuba, Guatemala, Chile, Costa Rica. Gozner has also won countless competitions such as the Close Up Mexican Champion 1996, the Stage Mexican Champion 1996, and the Impromptu Latinamerican Champion 1995 (FLASOMA).

Inspired by the legendary Magic Castle in LA, and Magic Circle in London, we are bringing you an exclusive, 50 seats only, experience called the Close Up Gallery. Join a magician in the Starlight Lounge at 10pm for an intimate look at close-up magic. No stage, just a table and 20 chairs. This is a peek into the real world of classic, close-up, table magic.

Premium and Deluxe Ticket holders are guaranteed a seat in the Close-Up Gallery.