• Chicago Magic Lounge (map)
  • 4707 North Broadway
  • Chicago, IL, 60640
  • United States

Doors open at 7:30 P.M.



Jeff Bibik


John Sturk


Ryan Plunkett

Stephen Hanthorn

Bill Weimer

10:00 P.M.


Inspired by the legendary Magic Castle in LA, and Magic Circle in London, we are bringing you an exclusive, 20 seats only, experience called the Close Up Gallery. Join a magician in the Starlight Lounge at 10pm for an intimate look at close-up magic. No stage, just a table and 20 chairs. This is a peek into the real world of classic, close-up, table magic.

Nathan Colwell is a magician unlike any other. Given his constant search for knowledge, passion for theoretical postulates, extraordinary technical ability, and a storyteller's gift of gab, Nathan possesses an incredibly diverse magical repertoire, capable of captivating audiences for hours with his baffling effects, intriguing tales, and intrinsic charm. Having received a prestigious award from the faculty of the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nathan not only has the ability to win over the hearts of audiences everywhere, but is also exceedingly respected by his peers in the magical arts. You may have seen him demonstrating his talents on TEDx 2014, or if you're a veteran of the Chicago Magic Lounge, you'll recognize Nathan from his exceptionally well-received performances at the Magic Bar. In fact, Nathan was one of the first magicians to receive a standing ovation at the club, and when you watch him perform live, you'll understand exactly why.

Premium Ticket holders are guaranteed a seat in the Close-Up Gallery.