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The Chicago Magic Lounge… is playing a key role in reintroducing the city to its storied tradition of magic bars with a combination of close-up performers and classic cocktails in a cabaret atmosphere.
— Chicago Reader

Chicago-Style Magic Reappears in Andersonville

For Chicago Magic Lounge bar magician Jeff Bibik, the magic bug bit early. "When I was in the first grade," Bibik recalls, "a magician came to our school and picked me out of the audience and he had a little handkerchief and he made it into a little bag and he said, 'Reach inside, and whatever you find you can keep.'

This is the real deal—on your table or on the stage right in front of you. You can see everything... and yet you’re still mystified.
— Atlas Obscura
Now, there’s nothing… there can’t be anything in the cup?! Oh no…. No no no no no!!
— Andrew Zimmern – Driven by Food

Best of Chicago: Culture & Fun

Edit Module Published Tuesday at 8:55 a.m. From the semi-secret front door (hidden in a faux laundromat) to mixologists who are as skilled at sleight of hand as they are at slinging drinks, an evening here is a performance from start to finish. The magicians showcase Chicago's own style of prestidigitation - up close and immersive.

The Chicago Magic Lounge is Legit.
— Chicago Reader

Chicago Magic Lounge: Attention magic geeks and sleight-of-hand fans, your new bar is open in Uptown

First you walk into the laundromat. Someone hits the spin-cyle button, a panel gives way and then you head into the room for the magic. A very nice 1930s-style, 120-seat salon. Replete with a mezzanine, little cocktail tables for such concoctions as Sleight of Hand, Smoke and Mirrors and How Houdini Died, a mini-proscenium and a mechanical curtain that recalls the odeons of yore.

Chicago Magic Lounge Brings Back the City's 'Close-Up' Magic Tradition, In Style

There's no obvious mystery behind the ordinary brick façade of 5050 N. Clark Street. But if passers-by looked up at the neon letters on the ceiling above the door, they'd discover the word "misdirection"-and their first clue that this 1940s-era commercial laundry is not what it seems. If visitors can work out the right path through the washers and dryers, they will enter a hidden world of artifice, ruse, and subterfuge where roving magicians befuddle all who enter.

Come as you are and be welcomed into the fold: this makes for both a great date night or activity with a group of friends and family.
— Picture This Post
I think it’s going to help us connect to the entertainment corridor in Uptown and I think it’s going to have a catalytic effect.
— Alderman Ameya Pawar

The Chicago Magic Lounge provides a new home for old tricks

During the golden age of Chicago magic, from the 1930s through the 1960s, there were more than a dozen spots around the city where one could witness a trick or two.

Chicago Magic Lounge Unveils its Tricks and Drinks Today in Andersonville

The owners of Chicago Magic Lounge are opening an ambitious multi-million dollar theater and 1940s-era speakeasy celebrating the city's magical history this week. Magicians will perform large shows in 120-seat theatre, showcase close-up magic in a 43-seat lounge, and even do tricks behind the bar. They'll serve special cocktails and a smattering of small plates.

The whole evening is essentially one big performance…and when the spectator gets lost in the moment completely, even for a second — that’s it. That’s the real magic.
— Thrillist Chicago

Chicago Magic Lounge is now open, tickets available for classy close-up shows

It's been a long road, but the Chicago Magic Lounge opened its doors this week. The bar portion of the dedicated magic venue debuted on Monday, and the first show on the main stage will take place Thursday, February 22. Max Maven is the inaugural performer for the main stage that night.

Chicago Magic Lounge Finally Opens Its Doors- If You Can Find Them!

The long anticipated opening of the Chicago Magic Lounge at 5050 N. Clark in Andersonville has finally arrived. People will experience both up-close and stage magic shows that are promising to be one-of-a-kind. The front library bar, which will open today for the first time today at 5 p.m., is where one can see their first glimpse of bar magic and ...

As The Chicago Magic Lounge Nears Opening, Secrets Are Revealed About The Unique Space

The new Chicago Magic Lounge at 5050 N. Clark is promising to offer a unique venue that will be rooted in not only magic history, but also Chicago history. Channeling Schulien's, the world's first true magic restaurant which closed in 1999 after an 84-year run, the theatre is hoping to become a new destination in Andersonville.


As cheesy as the phrase 'the talk of the town' is, the Chicago Magic Lounge has already built a notable reputation for some of the best evening entertainment in Chicago. As deserving as the magicians are for this renown, it would be near professionally negligent not to begin with the role of the Lounge itself as a contributing character to the show.

Chicago Magic Lounge Teases Patrons by Revealing a Few Secrets Before Doors Open

The mystery behind magic can make anyone feel like a little kid and the new Chicago Magic Lounge opening up at 5050 N. Clark hopes to bring that feeling to all patrons who dare enter as they embrace the history of magic and Chicago.

Renderings Show Chicago Magic Lounge's New Home On Clark Street

UPTOWN - Chicago Magic Lounge is ready for its own place. The group of more than 30 local professional magicians, which has been performing out of Uptown Underground at 4707 N. Broadway, will break ground at its new space at 5050 N. Clark St. at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

New Andersonville Bar And Restaurant Will Feature Up-Close Magic

A new entertainment space in Andersonville that will serve both liquor and food will feature live, up-close magic shows. The Chicago Magic Lounge will not be the first time this type of concept has opened in Chicago, but they hope to provide a unique experience for its patrons.

Chicago's magic scene is re-surging

Andersonville has a new trick up its sleeve: t he Chicago Magic Loung e, which broke ground on Clark Street Wednesday. The Chicago Magic Lounge wants to revive close up magic, the kinds of tricks and disappearances that go on right before your very eyes.

Ald. Ameya Pawar, magician for a day

At the groundbreaking of the future Chicago Magic Lounge, 47th Ward Ald. Ameya Pawar was a magician for a day, levitating a young woman for a few seconds as the highlight of the event. (Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune)

Chicago Style Magic Returns with Groundbreaking on New Andersonville Art Deco Home for Chicago Magic Lounge

CHICAGO MAGIC LOUNGE UNVEILS NEW LOCATION FOR PERMANENT VENUE Multi-Million Dollar Renovation to Host "Chicago Style Magic" Featuring ...