Apply today to join and get the insider's view on everything happening at the Chicago Magic Lounge, the country's newest and most exciting magic venue. 

Applicants must be 21+ to apply.

Membership dues are $250 per year for those residing within 100 miles of Chicago and $150 per year outside that radius.

All dues are requested at the beginning of the year; dues are prorated throughout the year.


  • 15% off all Advance Sale tickets for all shows with special membership discount code.

  • Complimentary admission to all Chicago Magic Lounge shows (capacity permitting), and a ½ price ticket for one guest. Walk up/Day of ONLY.

  • Access to an exclusive VIP area for sessions and study.

  • Access to our extensive reference library during open hours.

  • 10% Discount on food and beverages at the Chicago Magic Lounge

  • Private rehearsal space in Blackstone Theater by request.

  • Special events such as weekly meet-ups, workshops, round table discussions, and more.

  • Exclusive members-only social media forum.


To become a member of the new Chicago Magic Round Table, please begin the application process below. This is to gauge your sincere interest in magic. Magic Professionals, Amateurs, Enthusiasts, Creators, Collectors, Historians, Writers, etc. are all welcome to join, and have a home at the Chicago Magic Lounge.

Classes of Membership

There are two classes of membership: Resident, and Non-Resident. Resident members are those residing within 100 miles of Chicago. Non-Resident are those residing outside that radius. 

Resident dues are $250. Non-Resident dues are $150.

First year dues will be pro-rated based on when your membership is active.


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I understand that membership, if granted, entitles me the privilege of using any and all facilities and services available to me under the guidelines of my particular membership for as long as I am a member in good standing with the Chicago Magic Round Table. I understand that membership is not transferrable, and may not be used by any person not named on the membership card. I pledge that I will conduct myself in an appropriate manner to my fellow members, patrons, and staff of the Chicago Magic Lounge, and failure to do so may result in suspension or termination of my membership.