Article 1: How I Practice



Kevin McGroarty - Round Table Member Since 2018

Get book. Pick up cards. Go to what I’m working on. Run through routine. Try to remember something I once did that was similar. Look through three notebooks trying to find it. Go get drink. Return. Knock book off table. Find page again. Look for cards. Find cards in kitchen where I took them. Bottom palm cards in front of mirror in hallway on way back from kitchen. Tell kids to stop bickering. While fixing kids a snack decide I should be working more on making good presentations instead of a new trick. Review notebooks. Wonder if typing would make it easier to find things. Remember my retention is better when I handwrite. Try to decipher handwriting from last time I wrote things. Set up camera. Record presentation. Review recording. Cringe at the sound of my voice. Wonder if there is a word for that. Look up “Voice Confrontation.” Six web articles and three work emails later...return to book.  Pick up cards.....

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