Article 8: Shuffle Like An Egyptian


Shuffle Like An Egyptian

Kevin McGroarty - Round Table Member Since 2018

Ever since the wheel fell off of my car, I’ve had a good chunk of time on my hands. Three days a week, I take the train from Rogers Park down to North Lawndale. I need to pack lightly, because the schlep from my train stop to work is nearly a mile. 

I’ve never really been able to faro shuffle. I’ve made an attempt every once in a while, but nothing I’ve found in books or that people have shown me has really helped. All of it boiled down to “Well, it’s kind of knacky.” And without a real motivation to learn it, I just let it drop.

That changed after I got the book A New Angle, by some folks you might have heard of. There are some really nutty things in there that I wanted to give a go. So with this new motivation, I tried learning to faro again — and you know what? I still didn’t get it.

But the car situation allowed me the time to persevere. This led to a great discovery, and here it leads to another product endorsement. Holy cats, people, if you are having trouble with learning the faro shuffle, get Michael Close’s ebook on the subject! The scales have fallen from my eyes. My faro isn’t perfect every time, but it is perfect more often than not, and without a struggle.

Next train project: Aronson stack. Any tips?


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